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Cast and Crew


A show like this requires an incredible collection of performers with a stunningly diverse mix of skills and talents. 

Director:  Kerry Christianson is a director, choreographer and performer in the Seattle area with over 20 years of theatrical experience.


She worked as the Artistic Director for the Little Red Studio for three years ending in 2010. She has also directed and choreographed for several other local theaters including Theater Schmeater, Centerstage, Annex, Seattle Shakespeare Company and Wooden O. Kerry has performed in burlesque and cabaret as her alter ego, Verotica143, for the past ten years. She is thrilled to be bringing all of her experience and skills together in this new role directing The Grimaldis.  


Creative Team

Producer/Writer    Dane Ballard

Director                      Kerry Christianson

Composer                   John Woods


Set Design                  Dane Ballard

Costume Design      Jordan Christianson

Choreographer        J. Mari Clarkmoore

Music Director        Ben Dobyns

Lighting Design        Jason Gorgon

Sound Design            Jason Gorgon

Stage Manager         Erin Verginia



Annabelle Grimaldi     Hannah Birch

Babette Grimaldi          Rachel Brow

Hiram Sutter                  Donn Christianson

Victoria                            Taylor Davis

Lois Grimaldi                 Lara Fox

Ariel Grimaldi               Kathrine Grant-Suttie

Walter Sutter                 Dustin Jackson

Rosalina Grimaldi        Laura Rose Flynn

Jack Grimaldi                Brian Pucheu

Lazarus Grimaldi          Marcus Wolland


Chorus/Ghost Crew     Sean Haahr

Chorus/Ghost Crew     Christian Jacobsen

Chorus/Ghost Crew     Denise Pedro

Chorus/Ghost Crew     Helen Roundhill

Other Contributors

Videographer          Chris Manners

Videographer          Dan McColm

Painter                       Thomas Drake Steffens

Illustrator                 Paula Sweeny




Writer / Producer : DANE BALLARD is a performer, writer, director and producer with more than 20 years of experience in theatrical stage and television production.  A talented  emcee, singer, and comedian, Dane has also produced and performed in hundreds of burlesque and cabaret shows across the U.S. and abroad including Sinner Saint Burlesque, Follies FantastiqueNew Paris Burlesque and many more. 


Inspired by the colorful personalities in his life both onstage and off, Dane has been working on this piece since 2008 and was proud when "The Grimaldis - A Musical Ghost Story" had its successful debut in San Francsico in October of 2012.


Song Writer / Producer :  JOHN WOODS has been composing and performing for over twenty years. In 2002 he formed The Wet Spots with Cass King.  The cabaret duo won Pick of the Vancouver Fringe 2004 and 2005, Best Adelaide Fringe Cabaret Act 2009 and Best Original Production - Vancouver Ovation Awards 2010. 


In addition to his work on "The Grimaldis" John also co-wrote "Texas Annie - The Movie Musical" and  "SHINE - The Musical" which was the winner of the Vancouver Ovation Award for “Outstanding New Work”.

Special Thanks

Custom Crating Company, Inc.

Versatile Arts

The Moisture Festival



2013 by Dane Ballard Productions

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