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The Show


The Grimaldis is a unique mix of burlesque, cabaret, circus, improv and musical theatre all comming together for a dazzling spectical spectacle that people of all ages will enjoy.


With an original script by Dane Ballard and music by John Woods, our tale is equal parts lighthearted comedy and touching drama, woven together to form a whimsical backdrop for a tale about a family of performing ghosts.


Eschewing a more traditional theatrical experience, The Grimaldis is more immersive.  Instead of simply watching the characters in our story, the cast interacts directly with our guests, mingling with the audience throughout the show.


Audiences get to engage with all five senses, with even the food and drink presented as part of the story “theatre amuse bouche”, pulling the audience further into the experience.

2013 by Dane Ballard Productions



Theatre Amuse Bouche is a new concept in theatre that comes from the french culinary tradition known as Amuse-Bouche 

(ˈä, müz-ˈbüsh), literally, (it) entertains (the) mouth.

Included in the admission price, The Grimaldis “Theater Amuse-Bouche” consists of a selection of small items... Sweet, savory and bright, including antipasti skewers, bruschetta, tasty chocolate treats and more all presented as a part of this magnificent night of entertainment.  

Photo: Mercenary Photography

Photo: Mercenary Photography

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