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The Story


For generations, the Grimaldi family has thrilled audiences the world over. From the opera houses of old Europe to America's silver screen, they were the quintessential showbiz family.  Now the last surviving member of the Grimaldis is dead and the auction house of Sutter and Son is liquidating their estate.

As our show begins, we meet Walter Sutter, a friendly and somewhat awkward young block clerk.  The auction business bores Walter and he dreams of a life in show business, a dream discouraged by his rather gruff and overly practical father Hiram Sutter. 

But when the ghosts of the Grimaldis start to haunt the auction house with their dazzling performances, Walter not only learns what it really means to be in show business, but he also uncovers dark secrets about his own destiny. 

The Grimaldis may be dead, but the show must go on.




2013 by Dane Ballard Productions

Photo: Mercenary Photography

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